Science Club Activity held on 16th March 2023

“Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding”.

There is no better place that the science laboratory that can help students find answers to the questions they have. Experimenting and exploring makes the learning of science interesting.

The students who opted for this activity were taken to the lab and were introduced to the various apparatus that are used in Physics and Chemistry. The difference between mirrors and lenses were also shown to them, where they were able to hold and observe the mirrors and the images which were formed on a screen by a concave mirror and a convex lens. Various other apparatus and its uses were also demonstrated. Students were also introduced to live specimens of plants and animals. The activity session ended with a worksheet which had pictures of the different apparatus. Students were asked to identify and write their uses. So, the activity did meet its objective of taking the students from confusion to understanding.

 Activity conducted by:


Ms Teresita D’Gama