First Day Of School

First Day of School – 15th June 2019

The new academic year commenced on 15th June 2019 for SXBA school. A special assembly was organised for the students of the school on this day by the Marathi teachers to warmly welcome all. Students of Std.5 were heartily welcomed to the Secondary Section. The assembly started with the lighting of the diya followed by a prayer service. The representatives of various sections of the school namely the Manager, Principal, Vice Principal, Parents and the head boy lit the lamp. A video on ‘New beginnings for an academic year’ was shown which motivated everyone present to aim for higher goals. The Manager addressed the staff and students on this occasion. The Principal enlightened the students about the theme for the year namely ‘Conversion of Heart For A Change of Mind’ and gave a number of instructions to be followed throughout the year in school. The assembly ended with the singing of the school anthem followed by the national anthem. The students were then sent to their respective classes and were welcomed by their class teachers. The boys enjoyed the assembly and also took the message of ‘hardwork and discipline’ – two important values for a happy and stress free life.

Atharva Damle