Maths Webinar by SXIE

Ms.Neharika Vaz and Ms.Marilyn Rebello attended a webinar on "Strategies and Solutions for Boosting Mathematics Learning " by SXIE on 29.08.2020 from 4pm to 6pm via 'Youtube Live'.

It began with Dr. Sossama Samuel welcoming the participants and Dr. Vini Sebastian giving a brief introduction to the webinar.

The guest speaker - Dr. Vaishali Sawant - talked at length about the 'Scaffolded problem-based learning strategy' by giving an example that required all the participants to take on the role of students and solve it along with her. This helped the participants to better understand the execution and steps of this method. It made for a highly interactive session. She also talked about how teachers can implement this method in their online classes.

It was indeed an enriching experience as it taught us an interesting way of engaging our students and making the teaching-learning process for Mathematics more relatable to real-life scenarios. The webinar ended with a question and answer session and a thank you to Dr. Vaishali Sawant. An e-certificate was awarded to participants at the end of the webinar.

Ms.Neharika Vaz