Sony BBC Webinar - ‘Feel Alive Hours’

Students of St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy attended ‘Feel Alive Hours’ an online webinar conducted by Sony BBC on 13/9/20 at 4 pm via Zoom. It began with Mr. Ronald Menezes welcoming the participants and giving a brief introduction about the webinar. The webinar started with an interesting quiz and various educational videos about dinosaurs, lizards and other animals. He also taught us how to put a 3D background of animals and birds for a zoom session.

The webinar was then continued by Ms. Pari Totlani who talked about how we can take care of our environment. One of the ways was by recycling waste products like PET bottles, news papers, etc. She demonstrated how to make a paper bag from old newspapers, pen -pencil stand from a PET bottle and a bird feeder using a milk carton. She also taught us how to paint a mask.

It was an extremely fun and an insightful webinar and we will try to implement the suggestions in our lives.

‘Rudresh Jogadia’ was one of the 10 winners of the quiz contest conducted during the webinar.

Ayush Jogadia