SXBA Childrens Day - 2021.mp4

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven!

With deep love & affection, the staff of Sxba put up an enthralling programme for our well deserving shining stars of Sxba, to celebrate their childhood, innocence and simplicity. Considering the tough challenges of the pandemic, the entire programme was centered on the theme – HAKUNA MATATA (Don’t Worry Be Happy).

It began with a soulful prayer service, imploring God’s bountiful blessings on our academites, their families, the children caught up in the shackles of child labour and all those facing a wave of turbulence in their lives. We strongly believe that kindred hearts never part. In memoriam of our beloved students Milind Lunia, Vansh Kurhe and Adit Ranka who passed away, we paid them a homage through a short video tribute which was dedicated to them with profound love. Even if their lives have been short, yet they have lived it so beautifully, always spreading love & joy around. Though now with God, they will forever live in our hearts.

To get us back to the spirit of celebration, we had an enrapturing video presentation along with an exquisite poem showcasing the talents of our young and innovative minds especially with the online learning, their cheerfulness and some enchanting memories of the past few years. Truly, no calamity can stop us from soaring high if we spread across our wings of Faith, Hard Work & Determination.

An exceedingly amusing skit was enacted by our talented staff through which the central theme of Happiness was brought out so competently & hilariously, assuring the students that we are always there by their side should they ever need us. The reels too multiplied the fun factor exponentially.

Since the pandemic has left our students yearning to live their joyous school life again, the teachers presented a mesmerizing dance act reminiscing and recreating the magic of their fun filled school days which left our students completely astounded.

The boys were then exhorted to put in the best of their efforts and strive to excel in all the spheres of their lives. Hakuna matata doesn’t mean to be careless, complacent or mediocre. What it really implies is – for things beyond our control, worry not.. stay cheerful. God is in complete control! We conveyed this message to our students through a scintillating performance by our enthusiastic Manager Fr. Blaise D’Souza, Principal Ms. Preema Noronha & Vice Principal Mr. Savio D’mello along with the entire staff (teaching & nonteaching) of Sxba. It was indeed a cherry on the cake!

Though the programme was brought to an end with some exciting and fun filled games played by the students, the celebration however continues… as every moment we spend with our kids daily is nothing less than a celebration.

Their radiating smiles can take our stress away

And the twinkle in their eyes can make our day!

- Staff of SXBA