GreenLine Workshop : All About Superfoods

Greenline Workshop : All about superfoods – 5/9/2020

Greenline an NGO our school closely collaborates with held a workshop on 5th September, 2020 at 4pm titled 'All about superfoods'

Ms. Prakriti Badi introduced the topic and then handed it over to Ms. Monalisa, the speaker of the day. Ms.Monalisa told us about many foods which are rich in protein and other nutrients. She helped us become familiar with various single-celled superfoods like 'Spirulina' and 'Azolla' as well as 'Moringa' which is commonly called Drumsticks. She also told us that many familiar foods like tomatoes, berries, dry fruits, etc are also superfoods. At the end of the session she solved the doubts of the students.

I would like to thank my teachers for letting me attend this wonderful workshop. I loved this workshop I will always remember what she taught us.

Ayush Jogadia