Greenline- Green Schools Campaign Awards Ceremony – 19/3/2022

As part of the Nature Club activities St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy closely collaborates with an NGO- ‘Greenline.’ The main theme given by Greenline for the academic year 2021-22 was ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. The campaign was divided into three sessions:

Session 1: Understanding the concept of Ecological Restoration & it’s importance during current times - Understanding Eco-restoration!

Session 2: Understanding how any degraded ecosystem is restored using various techniques - The Restoration Plan!

Session 3: Learning about different places in our vicinity, our country & abroad where they have successfully restored/ are restoring the ecosystem of that particular area. –

Eco-restoration around us!

Based on the above month- wise activities were conducted starting from the month of September. The activities included- Quiz- O- Paro, watch & learn, prep-the-bio enzyme,

map-the-tree, restore the site, the local restoration plan and various workshops and sessions.

As a culmination to all of this, the awards ceremony was held on GMeet on

19th March, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. The chief guest of the ceremony was Mr. Sanjay Joshi. There were various segments for which awards were given. From our school Rudresh Jogadia from Std. 7-1 was chosen as the Green Champ and our school was among the top 12 schools with regard to participation in the activities. Also, the school was awarded with the second consolation prize this year. Greenline appreciated the efforts put in by various schools and its students towards ‘Ecosystem Restoration’.

Ms. Adelaide Pereira Ms. Heena Pereira Ms. Valentina Saldanha

Teachers’ Incharge