022 Cerebration X - Primary/Secondary in-service training programme 2023 -2024

The Archdiocese Board of Education organised 'Cerebration X - Primary/Secondary in-service training programme 2023 -2024 at St. Andrew's High School, Bandra for teachers who have completed minimum 10 years of service. The training session was conducted over a period of 8 days i.e from 5th June 2023 to 9th June 2023 and on 22nd June, 8th July and 13th July 2023. Six teachers from SXBA – Ms.Monica Rose, Ms.Sophia D’Mello, Ms.Heena Pereira, Ms.Macrina Mascarenhas, Ms.Sharon Buthello and Mr.Larry Pereira attended the same.

Fr. Dennis Gonsalves, Secretary of the ABE, was present for all the sessions of the training programme. Ms. Shailaja Mule was the co ordinator as well as a resource person for one of the sessions.  The resource persons were experts in their respective field. Various sessions on motivation, school branding, Inquiry Training Model, Teacher’s Eligibility test, nutrition, diet, counselling, classroom management and leadership etc were conducted for the teachers.

The ABE provided morning tea, breakfast and evening tea to all present for the training programme. The training session was well organised and informative. It was also a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Ms. Heena Pereira