English Elocution Competition

"Health is in your hands" - The English Elocution competition was held on 29th August, 2019. The main objective of this competition was to enable students to develop a love for the English language, overcome stage fear, to be confident, to speak clearly with correct pronunciation, articulation and diction.

The competition was judged by our very own Ex-supervisor Ms. Pauline Noronha and Ms.Sharon Monis - Assistant Teacher at N.L.Dalmia I.C.S.E school. The judges commented that the students had made every effort to choose very apt pieces / poems but were surprised to see only few students participating in the event. Few tips & suggestions were shared by the judges to enable students to speak with confidence the next time.

Among the Juniors Maahir Shah bagged the 1st prize, Aliabbas Gheewala won the 2nd prize, Burhanuddin Kanchwala won the 3rd prize, Shubham Bajpai won the 1st consolation prize, Abbas Khambati won the 2nd consolation prize, and Mazahir Anghutiwala won the 3rd consolation prize.

Among the seniors Behram Motafram won the 1st prize, Vzak Yazdani won the 2nd prize, Sarosh Motafram won the 3rd Prize, Dhansh Mutta won the 1st consolation prize and Jashan Shah won the 2nd consolation prize.

Ms Sophia D'Mello Ms.Dipti Vaishnav

Teachers In-Charge