GreenLine – Composting for Kids Workshop

As part of the Green Schools Campaign 2022-23, GreenLine had organized a workshop- ‘Composting for Kids’ on 19th November, 2022 at Don Bosco Provincial Hall, Matunga. Suhaan Kheradia from std 6 and Aarav Vengulekar from std 8 were given the opportunity to attend the workshop. Mrs. Asha Vengulekar accompanied the students to the venue.

The session began at 10:10 a.m. They taught us how to compost, what to compost and where to compost. We did a DIY with the help of a plastic bottle and they taught us the entire procedure of bio-composting in a step- by- step manner. We were also given ideas about how to take care of the composting bin. At the end after concluding the session, we were provided with refreshments followed by a group photo with all participants and the organiser staff. We thoroughly enjoyed this session as it was very educational, informative and made us realise that we too can do something for our environment in our own little way.

Suhaan Kheradia Aarav Vengulekar Ms. Adelaide Pereira

Std.6.2 Std.8.1 Eco-Club Co-ordinator