Pre-primary Art Competition

The pre-primary section conducted an art competition for the boys on 5th of August, 2022. The Jr. Kg boys coloured the picture of the Indian Flag and the Sr. Kg boys coloured different animals. A parent representative was present in each class while the competition was going on. The children enjoyed doing the activity.

The following are the names of the winners of the art competition.

Jr. Kg 1

1st – Mustafa Markar

2nd – Hamza Abbajumma

3rd – Tasmai Nanekar

Jr. kg 2

1st - Arnav Koli

2nd - Moh Khandekar

3rd - Abubakr Batliwala

Sr. Kg 1

1st - Abdur Rahaman Rindani

2nd - Rairth Deorukhkar

3rd - Griheet Khundol

Sr. Kg 2

1st - Arjit Karle

2nd - Gauransh Pawar

3rd - Aham Patankar