Staff Orientation- 17/06/2022 – (9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.)

An Orientation programme for the academic year 2022-2023 was organised for the staff of all sections on 17th June, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. in the school hall. The orientation programme was conducted by Fr. Wendell D’Cruz s.j. The theme for our school this academic year is ‘Education and Ecology’, keeping in mind the UAP - ‘Care for our Common Home’.

After the prayer Fr. Wendell showed a short video on Man by Steve Cutts that depicted the harm man is causing nature. Fr. then asked us to form groups of 5-6 people and discuss what we felt after watching the video and the issues we observed in it. After this Fr. went on to explain how ecology can be integrated into education and discussed various aspects of Eco-education. This was followed by a short break where refreshments and snacks were served.

After the break the school’s Eco audit that was conducted by Ms. Valentina Saldanha,

Ms. Heena Pereira and Ms. Adelaide Pereira was displayed. Based on the Eco-audit and the topic chosen for the year- ‘Conservation of Water’ Fr. asked the staff to brain-storm and come up with various ideas and activities that can be done to sensitize, create awareness and bring about an impact in the thinking and behaviour of the students with regard to ways to conserve water. For this the staff were divided section wise and had to put forth their views which were then read by the Eco core team members assigned to each group.

The session concluded with Fr. Wendell asking us what each of us would like to personally take away and practice from the points discussed and how would we go about doing it. The session ended with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Ms. Valentina and the giving of a token of gratitude to Fr. Wendell D’cruz for sharing his precious time and orienting the staff of SXBA.

Ms. Adelaide Pereira Ms. Valentina Saldanha Ms. Heena Pereira

Teachers In-charge