025 Annual Awards Day 2023-24 held on 21/7/2023

On 21st July 2023 St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy held its Annual Awards Day. The programme began with the members of the School Council escorting the dignitaries to their seats and a warm welcome was given to them by the hosts for the day. As per tradition the dignitaries lit the diya. This was followed by a prayer dance which certainly lifted our spirits while teaching us important values. The Ex-School Captain- Aayush Jogadia gave a heart-warming speech as he thanked the school and reminisced about his school days. Following that the Principal and Vice-Principal presented the school report which showcased the remarkable achievements of the students and also the progress made in the field of education. Our Manager Rev. Fr. Arul John Bosco S. J. then gave a short speech wherein he elaborated on ‘Efficiency and Effectiveness’ in our “journeying with the young towards a hope-filled future” which certainly was enlightening. Next we had a skit “Umeed ki Aur” which everybody enjoyed and also learned from. The eagerly awaited part of the programme - the distribution of the awards was next. Parents cheered on as their children received scholarships and awards and felt a sense of pride for their children. Our Chief Guest for the day - Mrs. Jogadia then addressed us as she thanked the school and spoke of the numerous opportunities given here. Finally the item without which any programme cannot end was the dance. The dancers of the Academy certainly did not disappoint. Our Principal gave the vote of thanks and the Awards Day ended with the singing of the School and National anthem.


Mazahir Anguthiwala

Captain – Tilak House