The First Greenline Nature Club Session for this year was held on 25th July 2022 in the Media Room. Their Theme for the Year being ‘NATURAL RE-SORT', we were presented with some informative and thought-provoking videos and slides related to it.

We learnt about fossil fuels and how we use it in our daily life which harms the environment to a great extent. The visuals also provided us with information about Oil sourcing, the grim reality of deforestation, mining activities, emission of Greenhouse gases and the heavy price that we are paying i.e., the way it affects our climatic pattern and causes climate change. It also pointed out the important role of frogs in our Ecosystem.

The adverse impact on climate, calls for urgent actions in order to save Earth and humanity. The MCAP (Mumbai Climate Action Plan) aims to tackle problems arising out of climate change for a coastal city like Mumbai.

The aim is to promptly ACT and RE-SORT both our resources and our priorities.

Ms. Adelaide Pereira Aryan Babardesai

Teacher in charge Std.8-1