The Green School Campaign 2022–2023: Teacher’s Orientation Programme -25/6/2022

The teacher’s orientation programme for the Green School Campaign 2022–2023 was held on June 25, 2022, from 10:15 AM to 1:00 PM at the Don Bosco A.V. hall in Matunga. The programme started with the introduction of the new Green Line team whose director is Fr. Leon Cruz.

"Natural Re- Sort" is the theme for this academic year. Fr. Leon and all the members spoke about various aspects of the theme. A special guest- Ms. Monalisa Mukherjee who was the former member of the Greenline team spoke about how the rising sea levels have threatened the sinking of Mumbai city. She also spoke about how capitalist consumerism is responsible for generating waste and thereby harming our Mother Earth.

After this the Green School Campaign schedule and functioning was explained in detail. The campaign will be divided into 3 parts:

i) Indoor sessions would be held three times a year.

ii) One workshop will be conducted every month, both online and offline on the theme mentioned above.

iii) A variety of activities, such as monthly field trips to natural parks, hiking trails, clean-up projects, etc., would be organised to connect students to the outside world.

Students would also be given a variety of monthly tasks from July to January. Greenline would review all submitted reports and pick the top 10 schools after evaluation at the end of the year.

The Green Schools Campaign is an engaging, interactive initiative that teaches students about ecological sustainability and gives them the chance to actively participate in practical environmental projects. At 1:00 PM, the programme came to an end, and the teachers enjoyed a packed lunch.

Ms. Adelaide Pereira

Eco Club Coordinator