Ignatian Retreat For Our Teachers

An Ignatian Retreat for Teachers from 16th – 18th August 2019

Three of our teachers Mr.Larry Pereira, Ms.Minelia Monteiro and Ms.Sharon Buthello attended an Ignatian Retreat for teachers of the Jesuit schools (Mumbai Province) from 16th to 18th August 2019 at Vinayalaya by Fr.Charles Rodrigues s.j. The theme of the Retreat was based on the 4 Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAP) which are as follows:

1.Showing the way to God by spiritual exercises & discernment

2.Journeying with the Youth

3.Walking with the excluded

4.Caring for our common home.

We were led into contemplative prayer, personal reflection for discernment and group discussions. After understanding the UAP’s thoroughly, we discussed about the various challenges we could face in our personal, professional & social life and also how we could overcome them.

We were encouraged to realise and acknowledge the higher purpose of our calling and not be disheartened when things go wrong or when we see very little or no fruit at all inspite of our sincere efforts. After all we have to do our best and leave the rest in God’s hands. He knows how to multiply … in His time.

Ms.Sharon Buthello