007 Mass of the Holy Spirit – 20/6/2023

"Different Gifts but the Same Spirit - to build a vibrant community"

          Remembering the promise of Jesus "You will receive Power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you" we began this academic year with the Mass of the Holy Spirit to implore God's blessings on our school management, staff and students. What better day to celebrate the Eucharist than on 20th June - our School Foundation day itself !!

         Fr.  Blaise Dsouza s.j. celebrated the Holy Eucharist alongwith Fr. Arul John Bosco s.j. our new Manager as the con celebrant. The homily centered around working unitedly as one family, using our diverse gifts to love and serve God and those around us.

        We also prayerfully remembered our school founder - Fr. Angel Sologran s.j., our first Principal - Fr. Edward Palomera s.j. and all the ex staff and students who have been a part of SXBA and have contributed to make this school what it is today.  We are eternally grateful to them.

        Anointed and empowered by God's Spirit we venture into this new academic year to journey with our young for a hope filled future, believing that no matter what challenges lie ahead of us God's Grace will carry us through.

Mr. Larry Pereira                    Ms. Sharon Buthello

                       Teachers In charge