31st May 2021 - 'World No Tobacco’ day.

A webinar was conducted on Zoom and Facebook on 31st May 2021 at 3 pm online to celebrate ‘World No Tobacco Day'. The Education Department encouraged the HM, teachers and about 25 students of stds. 9 & 10 from all schools to attend this webinar. Mr. Amol Madame convened this webinar and presented various facts regarding tobacco addiction, the World Health Organisation’s role in detoxification etc. A short powerful film and an inspiring song by singer Shaan was streamlined. The chief guest Shri Rajiv Nivatkar (IAS) thanked the students, teachers, NGO representatives for joining the webinar. Then Dr. Abhiram Mehendale the next speaker shared that 'World No Tobacco Day ' was first celebrated in the year 1987. The slogan for this year is 'Commit to quit'. Later he asked some questions related to tobacco, its addiction, it effects on teens, young, adults, the relation between covid and tobacco etc. Mr. Narayan Lad from Salaam Mumbai foundation talked about his foundation’s role in helping more than 2000 addicts of tobacco/ cigarettes to quit this dreadful addiction. Ms. Varsha Vidya expressed her concern and was of the opinion that tobacco addiction / smoking/ alcoholism started from high school often due to family problems and peer pressure. Dr. Duryodhan Chavan (NRHM) explained the role of the government and the various laws the government had enacted to win the battle against tobacco. One solution offered was that the government should co-ordinate with NGOs wherein the NGOs would try to influence people to reduce their demand for these products whereas the government would sincerely work to reduce its supply. The parents were exhorted to play a very active, responsible and influential role and encouraged to have frequent conversations with their children to become aware of what was troubling their children thus leading them to addictions. Mr. Rajiv Nivatkar had an oath taking ceremony and finally Mr. Ingale gave the vote of thanks.

Bhavik Tikone - Std.10

Teacher In-Charge: Mr. Brian Rebello