Science club activity -14/3/2023

Nature is the best teacher, nature inspires!

Many of our inventions have come into being by observing living organisms. The field of biomimicry uses the concepts in nature to find solutions to everyday obstacles.With the aim to make students understand the significance of every living organism and also be more observant about their environment,the science club organised an activity on 14th March 2023.The session began with a prayer thanking God who is the ultimate artist for the gift of His creation.The students were then taken through a powerpoint presentation about biomimicry and examples of inventions that are inspired from nature,like cat light reflectors,wind turbines designed from whale fins,burrs and velcro, kingfisher beak and bullet train,self cleaning paint inspired from lotus leaves etc enabled the students to look at nature as  the best teacher.The students were then divided into groups and assigned a task of listing down the biodiversity in their school, they also did leaf and bark rubbing and learnt how to identify the different plants.The session enabled the students to open their eyes to the beauty in nature and to value it!


Ms.Macrina Mascarenhas  

Teacher incharge