Workshop sponsored by BAPSA ‘Dialogue in the Dark’

On the 10th October 2022 – 12 teachers of the Secondary Section attended a workshop – “Dialogue in the dark” at Nariman point – Maker Chamber III at 11.30 a.m.

Before taking us on a sensitization tour we were given an orientation informing us about the purpose of this workshop by Mr.Anantha Naryanan who explained to us about getting into the world of the blind and empathizing with them rather than sympathising.

We were then taken through the tour which sensitised us to the difficulties that visually blind people face on a day to day basis. It was a beautiful experience as each task was expected to be done in total darkness. This immersive walk through experience in pitch darkness presented a slew of activities spun with fun, adventure and learning.

It was an endeavour to increase empathy which is an important quality for teachers towards the visually impaired and other differently abled people.

Staff members who attended the workshop:

  1. Ms.Teresita D’Gama

  2. Ms.Monica Rose

  3. Ms.Vipula Bhagat

  4. Mr.Reynold D’Cruz

  5. Mr.Mukhtar Khan

  6. Ms.Sharon Buthello

  7. Ms.Sophie D’Mello

  8. Ms.Neharika Vaz

  9. Mr.Anandprakash Sharma

  10. Mr.Larry Pereira

  11. Ms.Marilyn Rebello

  12. Ms.Adelaide Pereira

Ms.Teresita D’Gama