Republic Day Celebrations 2022



St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy Celebrates Our 73rd Republic Day.

St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy takes great pride in the celebration of our National festivals and our 73rd Republic Day celebrations kept up this tradition. We began at 8:15am with the unfurling of the tri colour by the Primary school Headmistress accompanied by the other dignitaries, namely our Manager Fr Blaise D’souza s.j., our Principal, Ms. Preema Noronha, our Vice Principal, Mr. D’mello, Ms. Mcmahan, Coordinator of our Pre Primary, Mrs Namrata Poddar, Vice President of the PTA and Mrs Shirodkar, Jt. Hon. Secretary. This was followed by the saluting of the flag and singing of the Jana Gana Mana. Our teacher, Mr Khan, then made a speech followed by the reciting of the Preamble, led by the Principal.

The Online programme was relayed at 9am to all students. The theme was ‘Together, we are Stronger’ and was compered by our students Arnav Singh and Aryan Bhattad. We began with prayerful intentions and a prayer song followed by a presentation of the ‘Vande Mataram’. Speeches were made by our teacher, Ms Valentina and Our student Muhammad Tufayl followed by a presentation on the significance of the Constitution and gratitude to those who safe guard it and with the recitation of the Preamble by the students. The poem ‘Kyon ki mein ladki hoon’ by Kamala Baseen was recited to highlight the need to uphold our Fundamental rights like Right to Education and Equality. Fr Blaise then addressed us on the importance of upholding the core principles of our Constitution.

Our patriotic fervour was beautifully expressed through song and dance by our students and teachers. Our Principal gave the concluding speech on the need to empower ourselves, followed by the vote of thanks. The presentation of the National Anthem was the finale of the Online programme. After that the staff met in the school hall for a fellowship over a cup of coffee and snacks at 10 am.

Ms. Monica Rose

On the occasion of our 73rd Republic Day we are proud to have our very own student Aarav Vengurlekar (Std. 7) who ran a 73 minutes run for soldiers organised by ‘Fit Bharat’ whose founder is Major Surendra Poonia.

Congratulations Aarav. We are proud of your participation!