Educational Talks For Std. 7 & 8

An educational talk for the students of Stds.7 and 8 was held on the 13th of September,2019. The topic of this talk was ‘Groupism – Friends in schools' and the resource person was Mrs. Mital Salia, a Game therapist and Counselor. The students were given an understanding of the difference between groups and cliques through a PowerPoint presentation and through various anecdotes. The resource person also played a game which involved the students grouping themselves as per their interests, likes and dislikes which in turn enabled them to make newer friends. The students were then asked to write 3 paragraphs each answering the following key questions:

What type of a person are you now?

What type of a person do you wish to be in the next year?

What type of a person do you choose to be in the future?

The students were greatly benefitted from this session as they were able to see the difference between groups and cliques and the importance of making friends and being a friend to everyone.

We are indeed grateful to the speaker Mrs. Mital Salia and also Mrs.Sarika Singh

(PTA –Vice President) who organised this talk for us.

Ayush Rathod (Class 8.1)

Dhruv Punde (Class 8.1)