Living Waters – A Marine Shore Walk conducted by GreenLine – 3/12/2022

A Marine Shore Walk- ‘Living Waters’ was conducted by GreenLine on 3/12/2022, at Juhu Beach from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sparsh Sagwekar from class 8.1 had participated from our school and Mrs. Gayatri Sagwekar accompanied him.

Our host for the evening was Mr. Shubham. He explained to us about the environmental zones around Juhu beach like Inter-tidal Zone and Splash Zone. He also made us aware about the different types of terrain and habitat on the beach where different types of marine species can be found like the Elephant Tusk Shell, Sand Bubler Crab, Sun Set Shell, Hermit Crab, Murai Snail, Sentinel Crab, etc.

As a token of gratitude for joining the walk we were given a key chain and were thanked by the GreenLine team. This was an enjoyable experience where I learnt a lot about our shores and the various species it houses.

Sparsh G. Sagwekar Ms. Adelaide Pereira

Std 8.1 Eco- Club Co-ordinator