Environmental Social Service -17/3/2023

"Harmony with the Environment is the Need of the Hour!! With discord, we will soon be left with nothing in our hands"

    Often Social Service is limited to the underprivileged people of our society. However, recently with the impact of Climate Change affecting every component of our Biosphere, we have eventually learnt to focus our attention not just on the well being of the human society but the Environment as a whole.

      It is said, "He who plants a tree, loves others besides himself." Keeping this in mind, our students of Std 9 who did not avail of the opportunity of being a part of their Annual Social Outreach to Talasari undertook a Plantation Drive on 17th March, 2023 in our school premises. 

        Our students under the able guidance of their class teachers and parent representatives, cleaned the garden areas in our school premises, segregated the dry and wet waste and cleared the area before we could actually begin our plantation work. All of this was done with great enthusiasm and effort. The students were taught how to use the appropriate tools to loosen the soil to prepare it for plantation. Saplings of Periwinkle, Tulsi, Hibiscus, Mint, Curry leaves, Rose, Marigold and some other flowering plants were planted in the garden areas. The Nature club was kind enough to share with us a few packets of soil and potting mixture which was a great resource to our new saplings and the already existing plants/ trees in the garden space. Our boys also watered the plants. 

     Plantation is not enough, every sapling deserves to be cared for and provided with the necessary resources on a regular basis.The children were then asked to be responsible for these saplings, ensure they are watered, provided with manure and maintained in a good condition all through the years. In this way the students of class 9 took great pride in seeing their school garden beautified. After all, Charity begins at home!!

      Noteworthy was the effort of some of our sincere and dedicated students who really worked hard with the sweat of their brow to go beyond what was expected of them. They were truly inspirational in living out the Jesuit Ideal of The Magis - The More! 

     Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed individuals can change the world. One step for a Better Environment Today is one step toward a Better Future Tomorrow. 


Ms.Teresita D’Gama                   Ms.Sharon Buthello             

Class Teacher 9.1                           Class Teacher- and 9.2