Meeting with Parents of Footballers (Stds. 1-10)


A meeting was held with the parents of the footballers of our school (Primary and Secondary Sections) on Thursday – 18th August 2022 in the school hall at 1.00 p.m. The Principal, Vice Principal, Headmistress (Primary) and the football coaches –

Mr.Oneil Kalicharan and Mr.Khushal Makwana were present for this meeting. It was wonderful to see that the attendance of the parents in the Hall was large and the hall was well occupied.

The Principal addressed the parents and complimented them on making a choice to enrol their children for the football coaching and praised them for being responsible parents. She introduced the new football coach – Mr.Oneil Kalicharan. The coach –Mr.Oneil Kalicharan introduced the Assistant coach –Mr.Khushal Makwana and gave a few instructions regarding the football coaching conducted at St.Xavier’s High School, Fort - grounds.

A parent made a request to have an additional coach since the Primary footballers were 105 in numbers. The Principal enquired as to who would pay the fees of the additional coach since the parents of the Secondary were only paying a one time payment of Rs.2,200/- for the whole year of coaching and the Primary was charging Rs.2,500/- for the same. She further mentioned that the amount charged was not even covering the expenses incurred towards football coaching (grounds booking, salary of coaches etc.) However she said that the Management and Headmistress (Primary) would look into this request.

The Principal informed the parents that this year since the grounds in the vicinity were not made available to the MSSA, the grounds chosen by them for the matches is at Borivli. She enquired from parents what they would like to decide with regard to participation at matches of the MSSA at Borivili. It was decided that only if 3 parents volunteer to accompany the football team for such matches would the school participate.

About forming of school teams to play football matches, the Principal said that only merit would be the criteria for choice and the main coach would make all the final decisions in this regard since he is best qualified to do so. Also that parents would not interfere with any of the decisions taken by the coaches with regard to the football coaching, team selection or when a football match is played.

The meeting ended at 1.45 p.m. with a vote of thanks to the chair.

Ms.Preema Noronha