Elocution Competition for Scouts – 13/11/2022

Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and habits. Education does not only focus on classroom activities and academics but also an extra-curricular activities such as sports and scouting. Scouting is a movement that supports young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development that they may play constructive roles in society. Scouting is all about building self-esteem, confidence, learning from new experiences and developing leadership skills.

To develop the communication skills of students the 55th Annual Late Col.Jameshed D. Kothwala Elocution Competition was held in both Hind and English languages and our Std.10 students participated in the same and won prizes too. Congratulations to all participants. One message that was given by the judges was that “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn but you never lose”.

Aliabbas Gheewala Mr.Brian Rebello

Std.10-2 Teacher In charge

Elocution Competition for Scouts – 13/11/2022

Scouts is a movement where we learn and acquire more knowledge than what our textbook teaches us. It helps in the development of physical, spiritual and mental ability of a person and also skills like leadership, communication, playing as a team etc. Scouts is not only about activities and lectures taken in classrooms but also about extra-curricular activities. It is a movement that inspires the young and creates discipline in one’s life.

An Elocution Competition ­- the 55th Annual Late Col. Jamshed D. Kothwala was held on the 13th November 2022 at Gamadia Girls High school. 5 students represented our school in both the English and Hindi Category. I am happy to mention that 4 out of the 5 participants won prizes.

English Category:

1) Keval Parekh – 1st Prize

Hindi Category:

1)Maahir Shah- 1st Prize

2)Burhanuddin Kanchwala- 2nd Prize

3)Aliabbas Gheewala -3rd Prize

4)Ayush Jogadia – Participation

Congratulations to all !

Burhanuddin Kanchwala Mr.Brian Rebello

Std.10-2 Teacher In charge