Educational Talk by Prof. Mumtaz on DNA, Finger Printing Technique etc.

Educational Talk by Prof. Mumtaz on DNA , Finger printing technique etc. - Std.9 & 10 – 9th July 2019

On 9th July 2019 an educational talk regarding genetics and biotechnology was arranged in the school auditorium. This talk was given by a Professor Mr .Mumtaz Beg a well known scientist and a specialist in forensics. Mr.Mumtaz started the talk by explaining about how extinct animals and other creatures can be brought back again.

He gave us an example of the movie Jurassic Park wherein Dinosaurs which have become extinct about millions of years ago are recreated. The process of recreation is also called ‘Cloning’. With the help of DNA and genes one is able to clone such types of animals and creatures and the scientists are currently working on this project. He also explained to us about the process of Biotechnology and how new types of species of animals can be brought to life by the crossing of two animals. For example a cross between a lion and tiger forms an animal called ‘Liger’. By this method of Biotechnology we can make use of both the characteristics present in those animals. He further enlightened us about the process of mitosis and meiosis. All this information was very useful to us as I think it will help us a lot in the future.

It was an enlightening talk for all of us and I would like to thank our teachers for arranging this for us.

Sameer Gupta