059 NELTAS Exam – Assessment Round 1 (8th, 11th and 13th September 2023)

NELTAS is an institute dedicated to competitive exams which is conducted for school students. It focuses  on helping students to  grasp core English, Maths and Science skills enabling them to apply these subjects in their future pursuits. Students were encouraged to register for the E-CAT(English Competency Analytical Test), M-CAT(Math Competency Analytical Test), S-CAT(Science Competency Analytical Test) respectively.

Students were given instructions before the date of registration. Students scoring 50% and above in Assessment Round 1 will be qualified for the Grand Finale. Students selected for the Grand Finale will be given a Selection letter and the remaining students who are not selected  will get a Participation Certificate. Medals will be awarded to the school topper standard wise. These exams were conducted for Std. 5 to Std 8. Exams For Assessment Round 1 was held on 8th, 11th & 13th September,2023 respectively. The number of students  who registered for these exams are as follows:- E-CAT-39, M-CAT- 58, S-CAT -16. Results for the same will be announced in November. The Grand Finale exams will be held in February 2024.

Ms. Sophia D’Mello                Ms. Monica Rose

                           Teachers’ in charge