027 Green Line First Session (25/07/2023)- The Story of Water

The first session was conducted by Green Line in school on 25th July, 2023 at 1:15 p.m. in the Media room. In keeping with Green Line’s theme for the year- Saving Blue, the topic for the session was ‘The Story of Water.’ Ms. Karen Pereira and Mr. Aniket were the speakers for the session.

 We were made aware about how we are polluting our oceans and also how the quality of water is constantly deteriorating. We then discussed the various uses of water after which an activity on how much water we use in our day-to-day life was conducted. We learnt about the distribution of water on the Earth and also about the seven reservoirs and four lakes from which Mumbai gets its fresh water. We were informed of how the city of Mumbai on an average uses 5355 million litres of water in a day. The interesting part that we were made aware of was the water footprint- indirect and direct water footprint in which direct means the water which we use in our houses and indirect is when we consume products that use water.

The session concluded with the speakers giving and explaining to us our tasks for the month of July and August followed by Ms. Adelaide Pereira thanking the speakers. In this way we learnt about our water consumption and how we should try to reduce its wastage.


Haider Kanchwala               Ms. Adelaide Pereira

Class 7.2                                     Eco- Club Co-ordinator