Social Outreach Programme- Jai Vakeel Foundation (Std.6) on 12/12/2022

On 12th December 2022 the students of standard 6 went on an outreach programme to Jai Vakeel Foundation and Research Centre. The main of this programme was to sensitize the students about the differently abled students and the challenges they face in their life. We spent time with children affected by some intellectual and genetic disability.

Ms. Tina was the host for the day. She started the programme by giving us a history about the Foundation and what it stood for. She showed us videos and made us aware about the problems that the children face, what is the reason behind their unusual behaviour, how their IQ determines their understanding and working skills.

After that we had a chance to get a glimpse of their classrooms, the physiotherapy centre and their workstations. The children over there are taught artistic and socialization skills through various workshops where they make incense sticks, festive decorations etc. everything with co-ordination and discipline. Volunteers also take the students out for shopping and to places of amusement.

We came back having learnt new values and being more aware of how to include the differently abled people in our society with love, dignity and respect.

Hriday Rathod Bryden Lemos

Std. 6-1 Std. 6-2