019 Meeting of Team BAPSA and SXBA Staff on 7th July 2023

On 7th July 2023 a meeting was held with members of TEAM BAPSA and SXBA Staff in the Media room at 1:15 pm. This meeting was organised to introduce the members of BAPSA to our new Manager - Fr Arul John Bosco s.j.  

The following SXBA members were present for this meeting:

1.  Ms Preema Noronha (Principal)

2. Mr Savio D’Mello(Vice Principal)

3. Ms Minelia Monteiro(Primary Headmistress)

4. Ms Sandra Macmohan(Pre-Primary Supervisor)

5. Ms Teresita D’Gama(Staff representative)

 From Team BAPSA the following members attended :

1. Dr.Kamlesh Desai

2. Prof.Malkhani

3. Mr.H. Balsara

4. Mr.Yelve

5. Mr.Amrish Shah

 At this informal meeting with BAPSA the past interactions between the two bodies was enumerated, the contributions of BAPSA towards SXBA in different ways e.g:  their contributions to financially enhance the interest amounts on various scholarships that are awarded to students on Awards Day, their gift of 3 laptops with printers to staff, the Covid insurance etc. was mentioned. BAPSA expressed their desire to continue conducting mentoring programmes, reunions for staff and students, Gen Next etc. This meeting ended at 2.40 p.m.


Ms.Teresita D’Gama