Session with our ex-school captain – Mr. Aditya Shah on 16/12/2022

It is well said that ‘Guidance is the solution to every problem’, which was seriously considered by our Principal – Ms.Preema Noronha. The Student Council members had a guidance workshop by Aditya Shah (ex-school captain) (2011 – 2012) to help resolve the problems faced by some of the present student council leaders.

Aditya Shah – ex-school captain and school topper of the year 2012 visited our school recently. He completed his graduation from the ‘Columbia University’ and presently works for ‘Goldman Sachs’ a finance company based in New York.

Aditya came to school on the request of our Principal and conducted a workshop with the present student council members and shared his journey of being a School Captain. He discussed points like the ability to identify problems and find solutions for it. He further discussed how important it is to be of good character, to be well behaved, to own a sense of responsibility and to develop and nurture essential skills when in school.

‘Memories are like antiques – the older they get the more valuable they become’ was another point discussed by Aditya when he gave a brief memory of his school days - the memories he cherished and his ability to resolve the problems faced by him when he was just like one of us a few years ago.

We would like to thank Aditya Shah for spending time from his busy schedule to conduct this workshop with the council members. We thank our discipline coordinator –

Mr.Larry Pereira for welcoming Aditya and our Principal – Ms.Preema Noronha for having this wonderful idea of inviting Aditya back to our school to be in our midst and help us forward.

Keval Parekh

School Captain