Online Orientation Workshop by GreenLine

An online orientation workshop was conducted by ‘Greenline’ for its members on 25.7.2020 at 4pm using Google Meet and was attended by Ms. Marilyn Rebello, Ms. Sharon Buthello, Ms.Macrina Mascernhas and Ms.Neharika Vaz.

The academic year of 2020 – 2021 marks the 11 th year of the ‘Green school’s campaign’ and the theme selected for it is ‘Sustainability and Me’ with focus on the subtopics of ‘Climate change and Me’, ‘Food security and Me’ and ‘Biodiversity and Me’.

The ‘Greenline’ team explained various aspects of this theme with the help of a video. The guest speaker for the day, ‘Ms.Lalita Ashtekar’ talked about what ‘biodiversity’ means and how we can spot it in our own backyard if we are observant enough. This she explained with the help of a beautiful power point presentation that contained images of various rare birds that she spotted in her area from the safety of her home.

The team stressed upon the safety of the students during the ongoing pandemic situation and that as a precaution they have planned activities which can be completed by staying indoors.

The session ended with a briefing about the various activities that would be conducted throughout the year by ‘Greenline’ and that they look forward to our active participation.

Ms.Neharika Vaz