Students Picnic to Imagicaa

(Stds.5 – 10) – 27/1/2023

We the students of classes 5 to 10 went for a school picnic to Imagicaa Theme Park on Friday, 27th January 2023 organised by the school with the help of ‘Team Adventure’. We had a lot of fun enjoying the rides and experiencing an altogether different happy feeling – a memory which will always be cherished and looking forward to many more such picnics in the near future. I was glad to be with my friends and teachers who looked after us like a family. A big thank you to my school, my teachers, my friends and ‘Team Adventure’ for making it a special day for us.

Haidar Kanchwala


I was very excited the night before the school picnic. We reached school at 7.30 a.m. on 27/1/2023 where the special picnic buses were waiting for us. We played different games like dumbcharades, Uno and also sang many songs throughout the long journey.

When we got off the bus I was shocked to see the height of the roller coaster and other rides. They were as tall as a 5 floor building. I had never seen something so amazing ever in my life. We had a quick breakfast and then went to enjoy all the rides. There were many different rides like the nitro, gold rush, rajasaurus river, dare to drop, Mr. India etc. My favourite was the Rajasaurus ride which I enjoyed the most.

At 4.30 p.m. we gathered in one place to leave from Imagicaa and return to school. We returned home with wonderful memories and the best experience.

Jahaan Katrak


The most awaited day of the year for all students is the school picnic. Our picnic to Imagicaa Theme Park was real fun. On the day of the picnic 27th January 2023, we had to report to school at 7:15 am because the journey to the picnic spot was very long. The journey took us one and half hours. When we reached Adlabs Imagicaa our destination, we had to wait for 15 minutes for the initial registration. Each of us was given a Band to tie around our wrist without which we had no entry into the Theme park. Once our check-in was done we headed for a light breakfast and went on the rides and started to enjoy the rides. After three hours of fun at the rides and the shows, we had our lunch.

After lunch we had another two hours in hand to enjoy more rides and scout the place. There were many shops from which we could buy toys, ice creams, drinks etc. Everything was very expensive, so only a few children ventured to buy things. At 4:30 pm we gathered at the main entrance to leave for school.

On our journey back we had a lot of fun in the bus. Some children slept in the bus because they were very tired. We were happy and thrilled after a day of fun and excitement. We reached school safe & sound by 7pm and departed from school with smiling faces and a memorable experience.

Mohammed Mahableshwarwala

Std. 8

On the 27 of January 2023 our school planned a picnic to a very adventurous and well known place Imagicaa. All the Secondary staff members including our Principal and

Vice principal joined us on this picnic. Everyone enjoyed the various rides, the peace, the serenity and the entertainment that Imagicaa provided alongwith breakfast and lunch as well. Various safety precautions were in place at Imagicaa on all the rides and all the teachers took great care of us at this theme park.

We had to assemble in school at. 7.30 in the morning and we left for Imagicaa at 8.00 a.m. in specially arranged buses by the school. Team Adventure who were given the responsibility by the school to organise this picnic for students were very punctual and looked after us well right through the journey, at the picnic venue and till we returned to school safely at 6.45 p.m.

We thank our Management and staff members for making this a memorable occasion for us specially after a long break of 2 years.

Aarav Vengurlekar

Class 8-1