082 Workshop for Staff Members - 3/11/2023

An interactive workshop on ‘Non-Violent Communication’ was conducted for the staff members of all sections by Dr. (Sr.) Angela Rodrigues F.C. on 3rd November 2023.

Four sessions were conducted and concepts were clarified through the effective use of questionnaires. Each participant was able to determine his / her proficiency at discerning between observation and evaluation. This was followed by a session on verbally expressing feelings as opposed to sharing thoughts. Sessions on identifying needs and acknowledging responsibility for one’s feelings and a session on ‘making statements that clearly request that a specific action be taken’ were all woven together to help participants in their quest for ‘Conflict Resolution’.

Members of staff acknowledged that they had learnt much from the workshop during the feedback session.  They expressed the hope that they would put this learning into practice in their dealings with those they come in contact with.