049 Inter-house Seniors Quiz Competition 2023

The annual Inter-House Quiz competition for the seniors was held on 31st August, 2023. The preliminary rounds on the themes of Maths, English and Science were held the previous day. The boys enjoyed testing their language skills in games like Taboo and Pictionary and their logical thinking ability doing maths puzzles. They were able to tap into their knowledge of Science practical work and Lab discipline during the Science round.

The quiz had 4 new rounds as part of the categories section: Transporting India, Exploring the Unknown, Sustainable practices in ancient India and Effects of climate change on Marine life. The teams found the questions both exciting and challenging. The students also had to compete against each other in Social science, Current affairs, Sports, English and Marathi. The audio round made everyone think a little harder as they had to identify the famous sports personalities from the audio clippings of their voices. The audience round too was received with a lot of enthusiasm.

A word of thanks to Ms. Monica Rose for keeping time and the support staff for their assistance. 


Ms. Marilyn Rebello              Ms. Neharika Vaz

Teachers in-charge