Pre-Primary Art Competition

The pre- primary section had the Art competition on 14th August, 2019. The Jr.KG boys were given a picture of peacock to colour. The Sr.KG boys had a choice to draw any one of the following; the national bird, national flower or national animal and had to colour it.

The winners of the art competition were as follows –


1st - Hrishikesh Dandekar

2nd - Advait Rathore

3rd - Devansh Dharia


1st - Maahir Masani

2nd - Sufyan Ansari

3rd - Smaran Gharat

Consolation Prize –

1st - Manan Kanojia

2nd - Abdur Rehman Patanwala

3rd - Jash Parikh


1st - Dhanya Jain.

2nd - Yug Parekh.

3rd - Vyan Jhaveri

Report by

Ms. Annabelle D'mello