Dental Check up at SXBA

Dental Check up at SXBA on 23rd and 24th July 2019

A dental check-up was held in our school premises on 23rd and 24th July 2019. The check-up was conducted for the students of the Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary sections of our school. The visiting dentists were happy with the oral hygiene of most of the students. They checked the student’s oral health thoroughly and gave us tips about oral hygiene such as brushing of teeth in the correct manner, not eating too much sweets, rinsing the mouth after every meal, etc. The check-up was very useful for us students as we understood the importance of maintaining our dental health. We are grateful to St.George Hospital for deputing the following dentists to our school for this dental check up:

1. Dr. Rohit Vora

2. Dr. Shalmika Khavnekar

3. Dr. Hera Havewala

4. Dr. Rajnigandha Kokane

5. Dr. Hindurao Shetye

6. Dr .Aditi Pawar

7. Dr. Varsha Sanap

8. Dr. Soniya Vaswani

9. Dr. Taterao Jadhav

10. Dr .Abhigyan Vaishav

A special word of thanks to Mr. Aslam Khan (PTA) for the personal interest and immense help he rendered in bringing these dentists to our school as also to the other PTA committee members who came promptly to help us with this activity.

Rudra Mhatre

School Vice Captain