032 Celebration of World Scouting Sunrise Day and World Scarf Day 2023 – 1st August 2023

World Scarf day is celebrated on 1st August 2023. The boys of Std.10 came to school in their complete Scout Uniform and were asked to assemble in the school compound. This rally was about creating awareness of the importance of the Scouts Scarf. A Scarf is the identity of the Scouts and is the adornment of the Scout Guide Uniform.  Apart from this the sacred feeling of universal brotherhood is also associated with the Scarf. 

We started the rally with the permission of the Principal, the guidance of the Scout Masters and were escorted by the police from the Azad Maidan Police Station. The route of the rally was Khaugalli, S.N.D.T. Women’s University, the main road of Churchgate and finally back to our school lane.  We had the priviledge of taking photos with the police personnel who escorted us right through this rally.

We are very grateful to the Azad Maidan Police for making themselves available to us early in the morning for this silent rally.

Maeryn D’Souza

Sports Captain