Nature Club Activity - ‘Best out of Waste event’.

“Find God in all things”- St Ignatius of Loyola

Keeping this famous quote of St. Ignatius in mind and to commemorate the 500 years of conversion of our beloved patron, the nature club of St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy organized ‘Best out of Waste event’ in the month of August for the students of the 6th and 7th standard. The 500 years anniversary of conversion of St. Ignatius of Loyola is a reminder for all of us that darkness does not last forever and there is always a ray of hope waiting for us at the end of the tunnel. God’s grace enabled St. Ignatius to transform the darkest moments of his life to illuminate not just his own life but the lives of thousands of people who are redeemed by the missionary works inspired by St. Ignatius.

St. Ignatius’ conversion took place during his long recovery from his injuries caused by the cannon ball. This was the period when St. Ignatius felt useless and was engulfed with sadness. However, he spent his time reading about the lives of various saints which ultimately lead to his transformation. This moment helps us realize that nothing is useless in this world, everything and everyone has a purpose.

Keeping this theme of transformation in mind the nature club organized the ‘Best out of Waste event’. At first the story of how St. Ignatius was converted from a knight to a priest because of the epic Cannon ball was narrated to the students. After which the students were asked to transform their useless/waste articles into something useful. The students enthusiastically participated in the event and were successful in transforming their waste materials to a beautiful article.

- Miss Valentina

Class teacher 7.2