School Personnel Meet – 16th August 2022

The Managers and Heads of school were invited to a School Personnel meeting on 16th August 2022 at St.Mary’s ICSE School from 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Mrs.Revathi Srinivasan – a leading passionate educationist was the resource person and she shared her inputs on the National Education Policy (NEP) - School Education and Assessment. Mrs.Revathi explained about the various stages in School education from the Foundational stage to Std.12 according to the NEP and how we as educators need to upgrade ourselves and our skills to learn something more everyday. She looks upon the NEP as guidelines and not as a dogma wherein ‘Learning to Learn’ is the tenet behind the NEP. Through various personal examples of her students and a number of interactions that she has had with them, she drove home many pertinent points with regard to the NEP. Value based, skill development, collaboration, integration and interdisciplinary approach are the highlights of the NEP. Assessment on competencies acquired rather than testing of mere ‘Learning outcomes’ will henceforth be done. Hence the NEP calls for a Pedagogical change.

The next session was on ‘Eco Audit’ by Fr.Luke s.j., Mr.Babalanka Prasad and Mr.Gerry Mascarenhas (both alumnus). St.Xavier’s Boys’ Academy and St.Xavier’s English Medium School, ICSE Manickpur were chosen to present their school’s Eco Audit with the gathering. This was followed by ‘IGuru’ a platform for career guidance who alongwith ‘Prafulta’ also made their presentations and offered their services to schools.

The meeting ended at 1.30 p.m. with a sumptuous lunch for all the invitees.

Ms.Preema Noronha