021 The First Executive Committee PTA Meeting held on 12th July 2023

1. Mrs Dharti Shinde - Vice President

2. Mrs. Komal Parekh (Parent) - Jt. Hon. Secretaries

2.1. Ms Monica Rose (Teacher) - Jt. Hon. Secretaries

3. Mrs. Trupti Dahibavkar (Parent) - Jt. Hon. Treasurers

3.1. Mr. Reynold D’cruz (Teacher) - Jt. Hon. Treasurers

The meeting began with a prayer by Mrs.Asmita Haldankar after which the Principal Ms. Preema Noronha welcomed everyone.

The elections of the Office bearers were held. Mrs. Dharti Shinde and Mr. Aslam Khan were nominated for the post of Vice President. Mrs Dharti Shinde was elected for the post. Mrs. Komal Parekh (Parent) and Ms Monica Rose (Teacher) were elected unopposed for the posts of Jt. Hon. Secretaries and Mrs. Trupti Dahibavkar (Parent) and Mr. Reynold D’cruz (Teacher) were elected unopposed for the posts of Jt. Hon. Treasurers. The office bearers made their speeches and were given a briefing on the duties to be taken up.The  minutes of the previous meeting were read by Ms. Rose. Then the queries of parents were taken up. The meeting ended with the address of the School Manager-

Fr. Arul John Bosco s.j. who thanked the Executive office bearers and members of the PTA and said that he looked forward to the continued support of all stakeholders to work for the good of the students and the institution.

Ms. Monica Rose                   Mrs. Komal Parekh

                      Jt. Hon. Secretaries