Farewell Std. 10 (2020 -2021) Sayonara



It was during these uncertain times the students of Std. 9 alongwith their class teachers –

Ms. Neharika Vaz & Ms. Sophia D’Mello put up a virtual ‘Farewell programme’ on

23rd March, 2021 at 12 noon. A special GC “SAYONARA” Std.10 was created for this programme.

The programme began by invoking God’s blessings on our students of class 10 A short power point presentation recalling their time spent throughout their school years, a skit with a moral to respect and treat everybody equally and some memes were added to make this skit humorous, a magic show by Sarosh Motafram was followed by a well coordinated dance by the students of Std. 9 and Std.8. A quiz was the next item and this was followed by the address of our Principal -Ms. Preema Noronha. She reminded the Std.10 students to be ‘Men of Character and responsible human beings’. Our Manager Fr. Blaise s.j. also addressed our students.

The ‘Farewell’ ended with a vote of thanks by our School Head Boy - Mokshil Satra who appreciated his teachers and classmates for all that he learnt from them during his school life at SXBA.

Ms. Sophia D’Mello (Std.9-1) Ms. Neharika Vaz(Std.9-2)

Teachers In-charge :