Nature Club Workshop – By ‘ Greenline’

Nature Club Workshop – By ‘ Greenline’ – Don Bosco – Matunga – 3/7/2019

A workshop was held for the members of ‘Greenline’ on the 3rd of July 2019 at Don Bosco’s – Matunga (from 9.00 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.).

The Theme for this year Green School Campaign is ‘Breathe Free’. As Air Pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges that we face, it has emerged as one of the largest global killers.

Videos were shown to highlight the problems caused due to ‘Air Pollution’ in Delhi and also an initiative taken by a young Swedish girl - Greta Thunberg which has turned into a global movement. This movement led to the Governments of many countries passing laws, pertaining to control of Air Pollution.

Dr.Ketki Mathur spoke on the health hazards of Air Pollution and also gave us tips on how each one of us could contribute in a small way in preserving the health of all. Her talk ended with the entire audience pledging to work towards a healthy future.

The session ended with a briefing about the various activities that would be conducted throughout the year by ‘Greenline’ and looked forward to our active participation in all their initiatives.

Mrs.Teresita D’Gama

Nature Club Co-ordinator