Nature & Science Club GreenLine Session

August 2019

The GreenLine Organization conducted its first session for the nature club on 2nd August, 2019 from 1-2pm, on the theme of this year: ‘Breathe Free’. Many of us are concerned about the growing air pollution levels in Mumbai but we still feel safe indoors. In fact, few know that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has stated that the air indoors is 2-5 times more polluted than that outside. In the session, it was shown in what ways this takes place.

The factors causing air pollution may be from mold and fungus growing on damp walls, different types of chemical cleaning agents, air fresheners, dusty linen and poor ventilation (closed windows). The resource person then went on to describe ways in which these factors can be counteracted with indoor plants that purify the air like snake plant, spider plant and peace lily. These plants not only add oxygen to your home but can also absorb harmful chemical gases released in the air when using the above products. It is also important to come up with natural alternatives for cleaning agents.

In conclusion the boys were assigned a task to list the various factors causing air pollution in each of their homes and to come up with a solution for each factor. The session was attended by Ms.Marilyn Rebello along with 43 nature club members.

Ms. Marilyn Rebello

Teacher In-Charge