SXBA Boys at Salaam Rakshak

A group of our boys once again volunteered to paint and decorate a Western Railway Station- on this occasion it was Bandra. Around 14 drawings loosely based on Rajasthani style were chosen. They completed drawing the outlines-first in chalk, then with black paint, and then filled in the colours over 2 days, on 6th and 7th March,2021. The paintings were to be done on large painted panels which lined the central foot-over-bridge.

The entire project was organized by Mrs. Asha Vengurlekar on behalf of ProjectMumbai in a collaboration with members of the Lion’s Club of Mumbai. The boys were guided by Mrs. Radha Shukla (Primary Section) who gave valuable suggestions on how to improve the drawings and make them cover a larger area. It is commendable that Aarav Vengurlekar (Std6) and Keval Parekh (Std8) volunteered for this initiative more than once.

On this occasion we had more volunteers from our school who worked hard from 1 to 5pm each day, taking pains to make sure it looked wonderful. They were Darshan Rathod(Std6), Kushh Jain(Std6), Nihal Rathod(Std7),Krishna Shukla(Std7), Harshkumar Patel(Std8) and Shubham Bajpai(Std8). The boys were awarded certificates for their participation and a small token of appreciation from ProjectMumbai. Ms. Marilyn Rebello also volunteered along with the students on both days. We saw many local commuters stop curiously on the bridge to see what was going on: some wanted to help and asked if they could, some appreciated the boys hard work and commended their efforts and some even took up a brush and stayed the entire day painting along with everyone else.

It was a rewarding experience and the boys took great pride in seeing their artwork come to life, to be viewed every day by the public.

-Ms. Marilyn Rebello.