Scout Investiture Ceremony – 8/12/2022

On 8th December 2022 the Scout Investiture ceremony was held for Stds.9 and 10. It was an honour to have this ceremony in the presence of Mr.Elias Correia – Scout Master.

Mr.Brian Rebello and Mr.Anandprakash Sharma took charge to conduct this ceremony. The ceremony began by reciting the scout prayer followed by hoisting of the Scout flag and singing the flag song. Then we all took the scout promise and received a scarf and woggle with a scout badge pinned on our shirt by our teachers. Mr.Elias addressed us and gave us some instructions about the role of a scout. He made us understand the importance, prestige and responsibility of a scout and how a scout is expected to behave at all times. At the end of the ceremony each scout got a chocolate which made the entire ceremony sweeter.

Bhavya Joshi

Std. 9-2