Hindi GK Competition

At the State level Online Hindi GK Competition held on 9th January 2022 on the topic - "Savitri Bai Phule and Fatema Sheikh - life and works" over all 155 People participated from Maharashtra.

Mr. M. Khan - our Hindi teacher was the coordinator with a local newspaper.

Everyday one article used to be published in the paper for one weekend after which the competition was held.

Our students also participated in it

Neil Shirodkar stood first and other students also did well.

These are the Results from Mumbai.

Marks are Out of 20

Neil Shirodkar 20

M D'Souza. 19

Murtuza Motiwala 18

Arav Vengurlekar. 17

Krishna Shukla. 17

Mohammed Oais. 17

Maniar Trish 17

Ayush Jogadia 15

Shubh Mehta 15

Aditya Sukumaram 15

Rutvik Seth. 14

Congratulations to our prize winners and the teacher - Mr. M. Khan who encouraged our boys to participate in this GK Competition.