School Picnic to Imagica and Aquamagica

Students of STD 5-7 left for Imagica at 8.30 am on 17th January 2020. They were accompanied by the Principal and some staff members too. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly and made the best use of the rides available for them. They ended their day at 5 pm with a Rain Dance. The group returned safe, happy but tired at 7.40 pm to School. The Students were sent home only after their attendance was taken in their classrooms on their return.

A special word of thanks to our PTA team who assisted us in disbursing the students in an orderly and disciplined manner at the end of the day.

The students of standard 8,9 and 10 of St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy went on a picnic to Aquamagica on Friday 17th January, 2020.

There was a lot of excitement as we boarded the buses and before we knew it we arrived at the venue. Groups of four students were assigned lockers and after a quick breakfast we enjoyed various rides like Loopy Woopy, Tube rides, Zip Zap Zoom, Yell-O, Splash and the Wave Pool. After lunch, we went back to enjoying the rides till announcements were made for us to leave. We also visited the museum featuring scenes from famous Bollywood movies. Snacks were served on the return journey too. We dispersed from school and left for home with pleasant memories.

Mokshil Satra and Vihaan Vaidya

IX - 2