Teacher's Day Celebrations

Teacher’s Day Celebrations at SXBA – 18th September 2019

We the boys of St.Xavier’s Boys’ Academy celebrated Teacher’s Day on 18/9/2019. Std. 10 were the hosts for the day. The celebrations were held to show our love and respect for our teachers and to appreciate their hard work.

The programme commenced at 10.30 a.m. with a warm welcome to our dear teachers. This was followed by the lighting of the samay, a prayer service by the student council team and an inspiring prayer dance by the students of Std.5. A song specially composed for our teachers was sung by the school choir. A funny mime by the primary students which made the teachers have a hearty laugh was the next item which was followed by a well-choreographed dance by the Primary boys. Then to refresh our memories a PPT was presented. A hilarious skit by the students of St.10 was enjoyed much by the teachers. Our SXBA band played and sang three meaningful songs. At the end an energetic dance performance by the boys from Std.6 – 10 set the stage on fire.

The teachers surely had a blast and enjoyed every bit of the programme. Ms.Fouzia on behalf of all the staff members thanked us immensely for making the day very memorable for them.

I would like to thank the Principal, Vice-Principal, Primary-Headmistress and Pre-Primary-Coordinator for all their time and the relentless effort they put in to train, encourage and support us as we the students of Std.10 were totally responsible for the day’s activities and festivities.

Behram Motafram